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Five-year visas will attract international students to UAE: KHDA (NEWS)

Five-year visas will attract international students to UAE: KHDA (NEWS)

Five-year visas will attract international students to UAE: KHDA

Dubai, UAE: The UAE will revel in a “significant growth” in international students opting for the rustic for his or her upper schooling, thank you to the brand new five- and ten-year residency visa extension that was once introduced on Sunday, a KHDA authentic has mentioned (learn detailed record right here).

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, had made the announcement on Sunday.

Students which might be acting exceptionally neatly will be eligible for a 10-year residency, whilst different students can get a five-year visa and dependents will obtain a visa extension to assist them get began on their occupation after graduating. Specialists, equivalent to medical doctors and engineers, will even be eligible for a 10-year residency visa.

“Dubai is a popular education destination for international students and extended visas will further enhance our position as a hub for higher education. We are expecting a significant growth in the number of students coming to study in UAE and this decision will not just benefit the UAE economy but also enable greater opportunities for higher education institutions and students,” Dr Warren Fox, leader of upper rducation at Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) mentioned.

Universities within the UAE have additionally welcomed the brand new transfer, announcing that it will give an enormous push to the upper schooling sector within the nation, in addition to assist students get began on their careers with out the concern of renewing their visas every 12 months.

Dr Cedwyn Fernandes, director and professional vice-chancellor at Middlesex University Dubai, mentioned the visa extension for students will give the upper schooling sector within the UAE a much-needed spice up.

“Dubai is one of the top five transnational education markets in the world and attracts a large number of students who come to the UAE specifically to study. The long-term visa of five years and 10 years will ease the anxieties of potential students as to whether their visa will be renewed every year and also save them the hassle and expense of visa renewal processes,” Dr Fernandes mentioned.

“Allowing students to extend their visa after graduation will be a game changer as students would now be assured that they have a reasonable amount of time to find themselves a job. As western countries make student visa issuance more difficult, the UAE is taking the right steps in easing student visa rules and also providing access to world class universities based in the UAE. I expect that due to these measures the number of students coming to the UAE to study will increase by 10 per cent in the first year and go as high as 50 per cent increase in five years’ time.”

Andy Pacino, the educational and finding out coordinator at Murdoch University Dubai, believes the visa extension will deliver the most efficient students to the rustic.

“The job market for new graduates hasn’t always been easy to access, so the new the five- and 10-year student visas proposals can only offer more promise for employment for fresh graduates. It is a huge boost for the region’s education institutes,” he mentioned.

“Investment is being ploughed into the region at an increasing rate, and having the best talent on tap will make it even more appealing for new companies to open up here. Dubai is an attractive option for students as matters currently stand, but the possibility of a 10-year visa will surely bring the best the world has to offer to the region’s universities.”

Dr Fazal Malik, an affiliate professor at Amity University, mentioned the transfer is a “remarkable push towards the knowledge economy”, which calls for prime acting execs within the area.

Dr Malik mentioned the visa extension will inspire “brilliant minds” to have interaction within the UAE.

“With the worry of visa expiry taken care of, the students can focus on new ideas and contribute more positively to the local economy supported by a most business friendly ecosystem in the region. I see a wave of happiness among the senior students, especially in engineering fields, who will be looking for work in coming months. This optimism is indispensable for any economy,” he mentioned.

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